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Affordable tricycle accessories in Australia

As well as manufacturing top quality tricycles, Body Cycles Australia Pty Ltd is proud to stock a range of excellent and affordable tricycle accessories to further assist with the individual needs of our customers.

Edge Range of Optional Extras

Body cycle rear steering

Rear Steering Assembly

The rear steering system has been designed to allow a helper to assist from behind, ensuring both the rider and helper are facing the same direction. The steering arm can be adjusted up or down. If requested, the brake lever can be shifted to the steering arm, allowing the carer to apply the brake.

Body cycle push me home handle

Push Me Home Handle

The push handle is for pushing or pulling. It doesn't have the advantage of steering the trike but it allows you to stand close to the rider. The Push Me Home Handle is telescopic and extendable.

Body cycle back rest

Back Rest and Belt

The Back Support can be added to all Edge Tricycles, giving support to either upper torso or hips. A belt and buckle is supplied. Additional wrap arounds can be added for extra support.


Total Back Support

The added advantage of the Total back Support is it gives greater support and adjustability, allowing the rider to be held in a more forward position which helps to reduce hip extension.


Chest Pad

The chest pad adds a little padding around the chest or stomach for those who have a tendency to lean forward.


Head Rest

The padded head rest is fully adjustable. It has the ability to move it forward, back, up and down, resulting in maximum comfort and rider safety.


Shoulder Support

Shoulder Straps and bars stops the rider from standing up and slumping forward.


Pommel Seat

The pommel seat is designed to prevent the pelvis sliding forward. The pommel is made out of lower density foam so as to allow it to move sideways during transfers on and off the Cycle.

Body cycle helmets


A large range of helmets is available to suit individual needs.

Body cycles bells


Our bells are specially designed and easy to use. Click here to watch a video of the bell in action.

Adjustable handlebars

Adjustable Handle Bar

The handlebars can be raised or lowered, positioned in towards the rider, or away from the rider - ideal for getting on and off the tricycle.

Hand support

Hand Support

Hand support enables the hand to be held onto the handlebar when extra support is required. Velcro straps allow easy fitting and adjustment. Three sizes are available.

Body cycles support pedals

Support Pedals

Where maximum foothold is required, pedals are equipped with toe clip and adjustable straps. These have been designed to allow for easy adjustment and quick release.

Body cycles support pedals heel

Support Pedal with heel strap

This extra strap fitted to the support pedals helps prevent the rider from pulling their foot out of the toe clip. The strap also helps to keep the foot straight.


Foot Leveller

The foot leveller keeps the foot in a near horizontal position for the whole rotation of the pedals, still allowing full movement. This increases extension and stretching of the calf muscle.

Other Accessories

  • Water Bottles
  • Repair Kits
  • Lubricants
  • Tools

    For affordable tricycle accessories in Australia, call Body Cycles Australia Pty Ltd on 08 8377 0399 today for a free quote.

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