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Wide range of custom built bikes

Here at Body Cycles Australia Pty Ltd, no one does a better job at manufacturing high quality custom bikes than our skilled and superior team.  Our commitment to our customers is unbeatable and we do our very best to ensure each new trike we make is perfectly suited to the unique needs of its rider.

Whether you are an able-bodied adult, a child, or someone with special needs, we are sensitive and passionate about providing you with the very best tricycle, helping you achieve the sense of fun, freedom and independence you desire.

Made in Australia

All our trikes are Australian-made from quality new parts, never mass-produced, and customised to suit the individual. With affordable prices, fast turnaround times and friendly service, you can trust us to give you the edge you need to succeed. 

Our product range includes:

  • Edge Tricycle
  • Tigermoth
  • Geared Trikes
  • Balance bikes
  • Electric conversions
  • Bike carriers

    Edge Range

    About Edge Range

    Our 'Edge' range of tricycles are chain driven and developed for people with special needs who need the support and stability of three wheels instead of two. We have an extensive range of accessories available which have been designed to allow people with a more limiting disability to take advantage of this excellent product. 

    All Edge tricycles are extremely sturdy in their construction and have been built from all NEW parts.


    • Adjustable handle bars
    • Chain guard
    • Front locking handbrake
    • Choice of saddles
    • Australian made frame
    • Powder coated frame
    • Available in 12", 16", 20" 24" & 24" geared sizes
    • Colours - Purple, Blue, Red, Green


      About Tigermoth

      The Tigermoth, a side-by-side cycle, was developed to allow parallel riding by two people. Up to 18 speeds are available through a gear change mechanism that can be mounted on either cycle. With individual suspension, this cycle can give real-life riding experience to those whose sensory or intellectual impairment precludes solo riding. The Tigermoth Dual Rider is suitable for those whose disability does not prevent them from maintaining a normal cycling posture.


      • 18 speed grip shift levers
      • "V" brakes front and rear
      • Extra comfort saddles
      • Interlinked steering
      • Sprung front forks
      • Individual suspension

        The Tigermoth range is extremely sturdy in its construction and has been built from all NEW parts.

        Hand Cycle 

        About Hand Cycles

        The Rehatri Hand Cycle allows for equal mobility for people with more control of their arms than feet. Riders who are comfortable with the normal wheelchair position find this seat familiar and easy to adjust.


        • 12” and 16”  - easily adjustable to suit the individual - can be pulled apart for easy transport
        • 20” – 21 speed –disc brakes

          Gomier Trikes

          About Gomier

          Gomier trikes now feature the new design frame with the lower step through. The pedals are positioned further forward which gives a more comfortable riding position. The new saddle features a thicker steel base with twin springs.


          • The 20' and 24' six speed Gomiers come in blue, red and black. 
          • The 20' and 24' three speed Gomiers come in blue and red . 
          • The 20' and 24' coaster Gomier come in blue and red.  
          • New 26' three and six speed Gomiers come in red and white.  
          • They also do an industrial trike which is yellow.

            Electric Tricycle

            About Electric Tricycle


            • 20in Front and Rear Wheels
            • Max Speed 20kmh/Max Range 40km
            • 200W Brushless Motor - Twist Grip Throttle
            • 36V 15Ah Lithium OR 15Ah Lead Acid Batt and Charger
            • 3 Speed Shimano Inner Hub Gears
            • Heavy Duty Tyres/Slimed Thornproof Tubes
            • Headlight/Taillight/Indicators
            • Speedometer/Battery Status Gauge
            • Adjustable Seat Height
            • Huge Cargo Basket/Lockable Basket Cover
            • Free Cable Lock and Safety Vest
            • No Licence or Registration Required




              Our trailers are made from quality materials and can be easily secured onto any bike or trike.


              • Standard Trailer
              • Trailer for 2 with weather shield
                Body cycle trailers

                Trike Transporters

                About Trike Transporters

                These racks can be used on all cars with a two ball attached. The 12” and 16” tricycles are suitable for both styles and the 20” and 24” tricycles are only suited to fit the deluxe rack.


                TT Rack        

                • Affordable way to transport your 12” and 16” tricylcle
                • TT Deluxe       
                • Complete with tail light, indicators and number plate attachment.
                • Easy to fit
                • Trike rolls onto rack simply eliminating the heavy lift. 

                  For more information on our range of supportive balance bikes and tricycles in Australia, call Body Cycles Australia Pty Ltd on 08 8377 0399 today.

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